tying it all together

What made you want to be a massage therapist? Short answer, I enjoy helping people heal themselves in a holistic manner. Much to the same focus that I raise my animals. If we treat our bodies well, they will help us lead a life of wellness. I\’ve always been one to push looking into natural solutions before running to the doctor to put a band aid on the problem. Not that western medicine doesn\’t have its place, I just feel it doesn\’t always find the root cause and treat it there instead of always treating symptoms. This can be as argumentized as grain fed beef vs. grass fed beef. I, like many, definitely like to indulge in a heavily marbled ribeye cooked to a medium rare perfection but in the back of my mind its mostly corn. And though, corn is great and has many purposes, it has also been so overly processed that literally everything we consume has corn of some form in it. I believe our diet and the diet of what we consume fuels a lot of the things that go on in our health. So, getting my license in massage therapy gave my one more direction that I could offer the goodness of healing oneself holistically. Though, I am quite lucky to work in a clinic that offers not only phenomenal chiropractic care but also nutrition testing, hormone testing and a plethora of other things that help us heal. If you are local to me, I highly recommend checking us out at Long Chiropractic and let us help you start your wellness journey.

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