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Let\’s go back, almost ten years. We were still very much dairy farming and living on the farm. One kid and one on the way looking for a place to put down some roots. We had spent several months looking into available properties in our area. House shopping is not my thing, okay no shopping is my thing but anyway we had ended up making an offer through a private sale on a small piece of land with a little house and some outbuildings. My biggest concern was land, I have never lived on any less than ten acres and I wasn\’t up to downsizing my goals. The property we ended up buying was located on land we already rented for crops so it made sense to keep that for future farming. Several of you have seen our place in its today state but it was work to get it there. Let me take you back to where we started in 2013.
Welcome back to 2013. This is the first picture I took of the property in interest to share with my family in Pulaski. Don\’t think there is much to explain here, this photo is pretty much what you see is what we got. The following is just snips of the change and progress. I also found out; I don\’t have as many images of the process as I thought. I get busy with the now and tend to forget to take before and after photos.

The work began with the removal of the fallen barn and one of the other buildings. Clean up too the longest and then adding gravel moving a few buildings and putting steel on the out smaller outbuildings that we kept as a storage shed, tack shed and the chicken coop. The one currently used as storage has gone through several phases of being a rabbit barn, baby goat pen and now somewhere to stick our snowmobiles in the summer months. The beginning of 2018 the garage arrived literally on a trailer from a few miles away and it sat in the front yard until concrete was poured and it was place in its permanent location. Though the front of it has changed now to have a wider door and steel on the front. That same year the old tile siding was stripped, and the siding was redone in what you see today. Now, this is only what you can see on the outside but every room except the kitchen and the bathroom have been demolished and remodeled completely. 


This is the most recent picture I have that is closest to the one I took in 2013. Just for a comparison. Today, the little remaining part of the house that is white in this picture is also sided and the calf pen is split into the pig pen and one other smaller pen. The deck is having also been completed since this picture and the large flowerbed along the house is also there. Sometimes i like to sit back and swipe through photos of where we started and where we are today, the change is quite a lot and we wouldn\’t have been able to get this far if we wouldn\’t have had help form several people. There has been many thanks and beers shared after projects were completed here…

and guess what? We are packing our stuff and moving. 

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