The whys…sort of

Recently, the topic of grass fed has been a conversation for me. As well as questions about everything else I do here. Believe, I had posted about that previously. My motto is \”organic practices because I am not ambition enough to do the paperwork\”. Though more often than not, when I talk about the ways I do things I get one of two reactions. Either an eye roll or curiosity. Generally, I walk away from the eye rollers, it\’s not worth the effort to try to convince people of something they don\’t have interest in. For those that seem interested though it normally leads down to why do I graze and focus on grass fed. Well, easiest answer I am lazy, and I don\’t like debt. Last thing I want is one of those big tractors that I rent monthly from the bank, also land is not cheap, and I have to do with what I have. This comes back to cows have legs and for a good portion of the year can freely walk and feed themselves. Plus, this keeps my carbon footprint down and helps my pastures build their carbon levels. That\’s a whole other topic though and even more digging into sustainable regenerative farming. I\’m also a big believer on letting nature do her thing. Let cows be cows and wonder the pastures as they like.  Grass fed is what works for me and all my animals. I know some have their reasons and you can\’t argue with those set-in grain fed beef. That\’s the beauty in having multiple options.

Plus, who cannot love the sight of cattle out grazing in the early mornings just as the sun peeks over the horizon. 

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