The process of change

If you\’ve followed me from the beginning, you have followed me through a lot of change and growth. It is definitely a constant in my life. At 25 I had no clue which direction I was going. Dairy farming was the pits, I was working some part time job somewhere and later became a postal clerk. During my post office adventure, we ended up selling the milking cows and not long after that I left that job to stay home with the baby. This was the first big change. I went from having a paycheck to not. I went from felling like I contributed to feeling like I was just sitting around. I struggled, even though what I did was important. I knew I could do things though and I am a sponge to new information. Next thing I knew I was doing vinyl decal work and creating images for people and selling myself too cheaply for the effort I was putting in. As much as I enjoyed doing that, I enjoyed making soap and candles more. I eventually stalled the graphic work and began pushing the soap and candles. Learning more and more each time I make them. I also became addicted to holding state licenses, I went from retail foods to mobile retail, wholesale distribution and more recently food processing plant license thanks to friend offering shared kitchen space. These changes over time have offered me the ability to bring all my products to you, my customers. It\’s been up and down but what small business doesn\’t have that. 

Some of you may know of the more recent change coming into my life. Although at the time of this post I am almost halfway through the year of it. Life had offered me something I have always been drawn too thanks to another good friend. last September I began the journey into another state license but one that has nothing to do with food. As I pursue my license in massage therapy, I am brought back to feeling that I always felt the pull to heal with my hands. Don\’t be surprised if you start seeing posts that aren\’t entirely agriculture related. 

All of these changes may not have a sudden effect on my customers but the more I can bring to the table the more fulfilled I feel. And after six years I can finally say I know what I\’m doing with my life. I hope you appreciate a little blurb into my thoughts and what is creating all of the ideas and things offered. Once again Thank you! There\’s more to come.

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