Headfirst into 2023


Another year done and gone. I say it all the time that it\’ll slow down soon but I always end up eating my words because nothing has slowed down. If we don\’t find ourselves updating the barns or remodeling the old farmhouse, we find ourselves always looking for the next thing. The recent cold had put a little damper on the outside projects, but the warmer weather is coming, and this gives me time to sit and update this website. There were some bugs that needed fixing and adding meat reservations for all of the good animal proteins we offer. I am looking to add options to purchase per pound as retail cuts online and offer either local pick up or shipping inside the state of Wisconsin. This will be a learning curve for me, but I don\’t see it being a roadblock for me at all. 


We will be having more pork options than years before as we will be offering pasture raised pork and \”regular\” pork. Hoping for easy farrowing and big litters from both of our Gilts. This will a new experience for all of us, I\’ve kidded in goats, lambed sheep, freshened in many cows but pigs I have not had before. Thankfully I do have some local people that can help give me guidance. 


We are also in the works of potentially holding a few events this coming summer for people to come out and enjoy. I\’d like to wrap up with a huge thank you to everyone that offered support or made purchases throughout 2022. Have a wonderful New Year all!

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