I\’ve been sitting and milling on this entry for a few days. It will be one that will either gain love and understanding or I will lose followers but its something I feel needs to be said. So let\’s let the rambling begin, we all know I\’m a pro at it. Anyway, this thing was prompted by a comment made on a meme, yup, a meme. not just any meme though, it was about the employment loss with the shut down of the Keystone pipeline. Seeing I sometimes like to go looking for a debate, I ended up in the comment section. Like all things it was filled with those for and against but a comment about a rise in gas prices and a reply to it is where I found my attention placed. In a rebuttal to the guys comment about \”just watch the gas price jump\”, a woman (and if she stumbles upon this post, I do thank you for the inspiration) replied to him to get a Tesla then he won\’t have to worry about the gas price. Being the Advocate for Ag I am and I can turn anything to a teachable moment about agriculture, I replied to her with your Tesla maybe great but how is it going to plow a field?  Though, at first she didn\’t make the connection and replied about how the pipeline is a temporary job anyway. With that I agree though, like every job once the project is completed the workers do need to move on to other work. But that reply definitely sparked the fact that people are not prepared for the trickle down effect. This isn\’t about the gas price for your car or truck, this is the price of what its going to cost to put food on your table. This is about how is a farmer, many of which are hurting financially as it is, going to put fuel in his equipment to get crops in the ground. Crops that feed the world. If he/she can not afford it at the measly price the markets pay out a lot of them will sellout. Most of them will be smaller family farms that have pushed through generations just to lose it all because they can\’t afford the cost of production. I\’m strong on my belief that if there isn\’t food on your table, no one will be productive. A starving beast struggles to work. It isn\’t just little farms that will feel a pinch, the big ones don\’t have it easy either.  The time is now more than ever to reach out and connect with farmers. All of these industries are connected but all of them follow the plow. By the end of my horribly rough explanation of why having a Tesla doesn\’t solve the world problems the lady did leave me a nice little heart react. I wasn\’t out for an argument but I just want to leave a thought in a persons head. Plant a seed of thought that maybe they will go on to do there own research on our Agriculture industry and maybe do more than buy an electric car. Environmental awareness begins with the people that live and breath it.  Hopefully, I planted that seed in a few of my readers too. Everyday we need farmers to fill the plates on our tables. Doesn\’t hurt to be a little self sufficient too, learn to plant even a small garden or find a CSA that you like, unfortunately we don\’t know when or if we are going to need those skills.

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