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Things change, it is just one of those things we all must accept in life. I started blogging under Ponytails and Cow Trails and I loved where I was headed with it but then life got in the way. Next thing I knew, I was spending more time chasing kids, cows and wind rows of hay than I was thinking about my next blog post. When I did get a chance to sit and type something up I felt more like I was talking about myself than anything of absolute interest to people. Sort of like right now. So yes, I am going to talk about myself for a bit again but I am hoping with this new change I will be able to bring you more interesting pieces and informative reads. Now I don\’t think anything will quite top my end of the summer story last year with the runaway bull but I am hoping to give you something to either make you smile or make you think.


Since my last post on Ponytails & Cow Trails, I had shifted my focus to selling my farm products and the start of Cedar Creek Handmade began. A birth of a new website and although I haven\’t added all of my soaps and candles to the shop page it has so far been working well. Don\’t worry, I\’ll get that up and running so everything can be simply ordered from this website, it is just a huge start up cost that right now has better places to be. With the start of all of this I filed for my retail license to sell frozen meat. All which has to be picked up on farm but so far that has not been an issue. Produce is starting to grow and I will be adding a small quantity of fresh vegetables to my sales. 

My soaps and candles can be purchased by emailing me or checking out Cedar Creek Ranch on Facebook. I also offer milk lotions, beard oils, and several other things. As far as the cows and the critters they are still around and I am moving my pastures into rotational grazing which lightens the workload of feeding animals and also helps the soil. There is a lot to learn in the realm of small sustainable farming and this is just the beginning. Please come join me for this shift of focus and Thank you for following me along this journey.

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