Rows of corn growing in the typical monoculture setting. \”You have a zoo?!\” And yes, yes, I do but there is a reason for it. Much of today\’s agriculture is monoculture. Focusing mostly on the growth of one species of plant or animal. Which works phenomenally well but tends to have downfalls. If you take a drive through the

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Then to now

Let\’s go back, almost ten years. We were still very much dairy farming and living on the farm. One kid and one on the way looking for a place to put down some roots. We had spent several months looking into available properties in our area. House shopping is not my thing, okay no shopping

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Modern Day Dinosaur

One of the closest relatives to dinosaurs that is a live today and collected by modern day homesteaders and farmers a like. The chicken is the staple of small farms. Great for pest control, entertainment and suppliers of breakfast goodies. Chickens are one of the first critters I brought to Cedar Creek Ranch. I\’ve been

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