At Cedar Creek Ranch, the well-being and stress-free environment for our animals are our top priorities. We are proud to provide them with a nurturing and sustainable home. All of our animals, except for chickens, are born and raised on our farm. We believe that this direct control over their lives allows us to ensure the highest quality of care and attention. Our commitment to sourcing chickens from outstanding hatcheries guarantees that they meet our stringent standards of health and quality. To maintain the health and sustainability of our farm, we practice diversified grazing. This approach allows us to control parasite load naturally and ensure the optimal well-being of our animals. By offering a variety of grazing options, we provide them with a balanced and nutritious diet. In line with our values, we never use hormones in any of our meat products. This means that the meat you enjoy from our farm is completely free from artificial enhancements and remains as close to nature as possible. For the processing of our hooved stock, we rely on a state-licensed facility located near our far m. This ensures that the processing is carried out according to the highest standards of safety and quality. We hold ourselves accountable to these standards to guarantee that the meat you receive is of the utmost excellence. As for our poultry, we take care of the processing on-site. This way, we maintain full control over every step of the process, maintaining our commitment to the well-being of our animals and the integrity of our products. You can trust that our poultry is handled with the utmost care and attention. Join us at Cedar Creek Ranch, where sustainability is key, and the welfare of our animals is paramount. Experience the quality and taste of meat that comes from a farm dedicated to responsible and ethical practices. For your convenience, we offer on-farm pick-up as the sole method of delivery. This allows you to witness firsthand the conditions in which our animals are raised and maintain a direct connection to the farm-to-table journey. Additionally, we accept all major credit and debit cards, although please note that a processing fee will be charged on card transactions. Feel confident in your decision to support a local farm that prioritizes the welfare of animals and the quality of its products.


Beef is available in retail cuts and wholes, halves or quarters
Reserve quarters above

T-Bone steak- $13/pound (SOLD OUT)
Sirloin Steak- $11.00/pound (SOLD OUT)
Rib Steak- $14.50/pound (SOLD OUT)
Porterhouse Steak- $13.00/pound (SOLD OUT)
Chuck Steak- $8.00/pound (SOLD OUT)
Tenderloin- $15/pound (SOLD OUT)


Arm Roast- $5/pound (SOLD OUT)

Chuck Roast- $5/pound (SOLD OUT)

Sirloin Tip- $5/pound (SOLD OUT)

Prime Rib Roast- $18.00/pound (sold out)

1 lb ground beef tubes- $5.00/poundRegular Beef Brats- $5.50/pound
Beef Stew Meat- $5.50/pound (SOLD OUT)

Grass-fed $4.00/ pound on hanging weight
Plus buyer pays processor fees
Deposit required


Whole or Half Goat $6.50 per pound hanging weight + processor fees

Goat Steaks- $14.50 per pound
Goat Loin Chops- $16.50 per pound 
Goat Shanks- $9.00 per pound
Ground Goat- $10.00 per pound


Whole or Half lamb $5.50 per pound hanging weight +processor fees

Lamb Loin Chops- $14.00 per pound
Lamb Steaks- $12.00 per pound
Leg of Lamb-$8.00 per pound
Lamb Roast- $10.50/pound
​Ground Lamb- $8.50 per pound
(limited availability)


Whole or Half- $3.00 per pound
+ processor fees

Can reserve a half or whole pork on Pasture to Plate Ordering page or the below button

Pork Chops (bone-in)- $3.85 per pound (four 3/4 inch or 1/2 inch chops per package)
Pork Steak- $3.85 per pound (3 per pack)
Pork Roast (Shoulder, Butt, Loin End)- $3.50 per pound
Breakfast Links- $4.00 per pound
Pork Breakfast Sausage/ Italian Sausage Tubes- $3.75 per pound
Bacon- $9.50 per pound
Ground pork- $3.00 per pound
Smoked Ham Steaks- $4.75 per pound
Smoked Hock- $4.00 per pound
Pork Hock- $3.00 per pound
​Pork Neck Bones- 3.00 per pound
Ham slices- $5.50 per pack


Pasture raised Poultry
Whole chicken $4.15 per pound
Whole Stewing Chicken $3.00 per pound
Whole Turkey $2.50 per pound
For large orders please contact me in January


$3.00 per dozen

$5.00 per dozen

*Contact for availability

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